No Quests Appearing in Stormheim

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I abandoned the scenario to start Stormheim and I don't know where to pick it up again
  • I can't see any quests in Stormheim and don't know how to get them to show up

If you have any of the other introductory zone quests for Legion zones, you will not be able to start the Stormheim quest through the scouting map. Complete the introductory quests for the other zone and then return to the scouting map.

If you abandoned the scenario to start Stormheim, please follow the steps to find the ship for your appropriate faction:

  • Horde:
    1. Go east of Orgrimmar, to Sylvanas' ship
    2. Pick up the quest The Splintered Fleet
  • Alliance
    1. In Stormwind Harbor go to the Skyfire airship, flying above the harbor
    2. Pick up quest Greymane's Gambit
If you can not see the Ships or get no quest, use the Portal in the Citadel in Dalaran.