Kicked from Group for No Reason

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • Voted out of group before I could finish quest
  • Removed to make space for guild member
  • Kicked from a Mythic+ group before receiving loot

Groups are empowered to manage their own members through the vote-kick system. If the majority of the group feels a player should be removed, they can initiate a vote-kick to remove them. The system is entirely under the control of our players. Players may choose to remove any other player from the group for any reason, provided the vote to kick passes.

If you have any feedback about the group management system and how you think it can be improved, please submit a suggestion in-game:

  1. Press the ESC key to open the Game Menu, and click Help
  2. Click Submit Suggestion
  3. Enter your suggestion or feedback
  4. Click Submit

We do not provide loot, gold, or quest/achievement progress not gained as a result of being kicked from a group.

Note: Groups formed outside of the queue system (Guild Runs, Mythic +, etc.)  will not utilize the vote-kick system. Instead those groups will have one party leader that controls who gets invited or removed.