Used BattleTag Name Change, BattleTag Didn't Change

Updated: 2 weeks ago
Article ID: 62785

Common Problems

  • Paid BattleTag change didn't work
  • Purchased a Battle Tag change but the game still shows the old BattleTag
  • Used the free BattleTag change but didn't it work and now it says I already used the free option

If you changed your BattleTag and you don't see the update in-game, check the following:

  1. Exit the game and launch it again
  2. If you have multiple accounts, verify that you are logged in with the correct email
  3. If you play on console, make sure you link the correct account to your console account
  4. If it was a paid BattleTag change, make sure your order status is Complete 

If the issue continues, contact us.