Received a Suspicious Email from Blizzard (Phishing)

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Common Problems

  • Received an email which threatened to close my account if I didn't respond
  • Received an email saying that I won a Spectral Tiger
  • Received an email saying I tried to sell my account

Phishing scams can take many forms—fake websites, suspicious emails, and threatening in-game whispers are the most common types.

Follow the steps on our Account and Computer Security page to make sure your account is secure. You should also consider attaching a Blizzard Authenticator and signing up for Blizzard Phone Notifications for added layers of security.

If your account has been hacked, submit a ticket and secure the account as soon as possible.

Suspicious Emails

Phishing emails may appear as promotions that give you something for free (when you log in and "claim" the item) or threaten account suspension (which you prevent by logging in and "confirming" some account information). These emails may have simple mistakes that someone writing professionally wouldn't make, so check for bad grammar and spelling.

Do not reply to emails that ask for your account information. We only need to confirm account details through email if you're talking to a Game Master about a ticket.

Official Blizzard Entertainment emails come from domains:,,,,, or If you get an email from a different domain, you should be cautious. Even if an email appears to come from an official domain it still might be fake. You can check the email's headers to see where it actually came from.

If you receive a phishing email, please forward it to Copy and paste the entire email header into the message body so we can identify its source.

Fake Websites

Don't trust a site based on how it looks—scammers make fake websites that look official. Our websites are hosted on two major domains: and If you're asked to log in to a site that isn't on either of these domains, do not continue. Logging in to a fake website with your Blizzard account information will jeopardize your account's security.

If you're not sure if a site is legit, check PhishTank to see if it's been reported as a scam