Account Hacked with Authenticator

Updated: 6 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My account was hacked, despite having an Authenticator
  • I added an Authenticator but my account was hacked anyway

The Blizzard Authenticator is the best way to protect your Blizzard account from unauthorized access. However, an Authenticator cannot protect you in the scenarios below. 

You share your computer with someone

For your convenience, if you consistently log in from the same location, the Authenticator will not ask for a login code. If you share your computer with a family member, a friend, etc. and this person logs in to your account using that same computer, they will not be asked for the Authenticator code.  

To avoid this situation, set up your Authenticator to always require a login code and disable "Keep me logged in" in the Blizzard App settings. This way, you will ensure that the password and Authenticator code is required in every log in. Make sure to always keep your password secret.

You were victim of a phishing scam

A Blizzard employee will never contact you to ask you for your Authenticator information unless you have opened a ticket with Customer Support yourself. When speaking with Customer Support, a Blizzard employee may ask you for your Authenticator Serial Number, but a Blizzard employee will never ask you for your Authenticator Restore Code. 

If you recently spoke to someone who asked you for your Authenticator restore code, or who asked you to enter your Authenticator details in a website, this person was a professional hacker. By providing the hacker with your Serial Number and Restore Code, the hacker was able to impersonate you and log in with your own Authenticator from their computer. 

To avoid this situation, never give your Authenticator Restore Code to anyone. Please check our Phishing Scams article to learn more about how to identify a hacker and how to protect your account.