Reporting Ongoing Harassment in World of Warcraft

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Keep getting contacted after /ignoring a harasser
  • Player using friends to bother me after being ignored
  • Using multiple characters/accounts to harass me

Our in-game policies are designed to foster fun, fair, and safe game environments. If you see another player violate these policies with inappropriate language or subject matter, please immediately report the incident to a Game Master for investigation.

In situations where the offending person(s) is circumventing your ability to ignore or limit communication with them, it is considered ongoing harassment.

If you are experiencing ongoing harassment from another player in-game, place their character(s) on ignore, do not respond, and submit a ticket. You can also do so in-game by opening up the main menu (ESC key by default) and clicking on “Support”. At the top of the page you’ll want to click “Contact Support” Select > In-Game Issues > Report a Player > Ongoing Harassment and then “Contact Us”. Fill in the details, including the name of the character, realm, the approximate time frame this happened, and whatever relevant details you can remember and submit.

While support is unable to release details regarding the investigation's findings, or its final outcome, due to privacy associated with these investigations. The Blizzard representative in charge of your case will thoroughly investigate the chat-logs and judge whether further action is required and what action that should be, based upon our policies and internal procedures. This action can range from a simple warning, to a silence or suspension, all the way up to the closure of the account, depending on the severity of the case as well as the player’s previous account history.