World of Warcraft Characters Missing

Updated: 7 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My WoW characters are missing
  • I can't see any of my characters

If your World of Warcraft characters are missing, take the following steps before contacting us:

  • Use the scroll bar on the right side of the Character Select screen to scroll down. Additional characters may be visible at the bottom.
  • You may have the wrong realm selected on the Character Select screen. Click Change Realm to see what realms contain your characters, and to select a different realm.
  • You may be logged in to the wrong game account or region. Select a different account from the dropdown above Play on the desktop app.
  • You are logged in to the wrong account. Log out of the desktop app and log back in using the correct email address.
  • Check BlizzardCS on Twitter for breaking news and information on our services.
  • If you've returned to World of Warcraft after a long absence, you may need to refresh your character stats. To do so:
    1. Select the realm your characters were on, on the character select screen.
    2. Create a new character on that realm to refresh your character list.
    3. Exit the game and delete your Cache folder.