No Quest Credit for Team Rumble

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Not receiving quest credit, even though my Sharptalon Hatchling is out, part of the team, and doesn't die.
  • Completed several world quests for Bloodgazer Team rumble but only got credit for one battle.
  • Have 3 or 4 world quests completed for Direbeak Team Rumble but no credit for them.
  • Snowfeather Team Rumble isn't granting me credit for successful battles.

There are several requirements which must be met for the Falcosaur Team Rumble quests. If any of the below are not met, credit will not be granted for the quest. There are currently no known bugs with any of these quests.

The following requirements must be met for all quests:

  • Only Legion pet battle world quests will grant credit
  • A world quest can only be completed once for credit for any of the quests
  • Required pet must:
    • Be in pet battle line up
    • Be summoned before the fight begins,
    • Survive the fight
  • Pet battles in Argus will NOT grant quest credit
The following requirements are quest specific: If you met every one of the requirements but did not get quest credit, submit a bug report from the in-game Help menu. Customer Support cannot verify the requirements of this quest and cannot assist with granting it.