After you place an order in the Shop or any of our in-game shops, you can review it on your Order History page. For Gear Store orders, you can check your order status on the Gear Store Order History page. To cancel a Gear Store order, visit your Order History page. 

Note: Authenticator orders shipped in the United States are delivered by the United States Postal Service (USPS) and will not have a tracking number.

Order Status Messages


Note: Online orders can take multiple days to finish pending.

  • Queued—The payment is still processing, or inventory is not yet available.
  • Pending PayPal—Waiting for payment processing through PayPal.
  • Payment Review—Payment information is being verified.
  • On Hold—The order may need additional data verified.
  • Processing—The order is being processed.


  • Shipped/Complete—The order has been shipped.


Note: You will not be charged for incomplete orders. Your financial institution might hold the funds for a while, even after an order is canceled or fails, but they should release them shortly. 

  • Canceled—The order has been canceled by the customer.
  • Failed/Declined—The order failed and will not be fulfilled.