Account Compromise: What to Do?


If you believe your account may have been compromised, follow the step-by-step instructions below to secure it. Once your account has been secured, our Game Masters will be on hand to assist in restoring any property that may have been lost during the compromise.

Note: If it looks like the email address associated with your account has been changed by a hacker, submit a ticket.

Secure Your Computer and Email Address

Making sure that your computer and email address are secure is a critical step in recovering from an account compromise. If your account is recovered before these two things are accomplished, chances are that your account will be compromised again. Be sure to review all the information on the Account and Computer Security page for instructions on securing your computer and email address.

Secure Your Account

Once your system and email address are secure, the next step is to secure your account. If you have not yet done so, reset your account password.

If you receive an error message that says the account has been disabled, closed, or suspended, please check your registered email address for a message from Blizzard Entertainment.

Add an Authenticator

An authenticator offers an additional layer of account security. Authenticators work by providing a secure authentication code upon command that will be unique to your account. After an Authenticator is associated with your account, the generated code will be necessary to log in, increasing your protection against compromise attacks.

More information about authenticators can be found on our Authenticator page.

Contact Support

After you have secured your computer and the account, report the loss of any characters, items, or currency. To assist with a compromise issue, submit a ticket via the Support site.

After your report has been submitted, we ask that you remain patient. Our support staff will need time to fully investigate and review the case, and may not be able to reply to your request immediately. You will be contacted via email once the investigation is finished. Take a moment to make sure you can receive emails from us.

For more information, review our pages on Account and Computer Security and Account Security.

Lost an item?

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Get Help

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