There are a few different ways to remove an authenticator from your account, the easiest one depends on your situation.

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Cloud Sync and SMS Protect

If you have iCloud Keychain enabled, you can restore your authenticator through Cloud Sync.

You can remove your authenticator without a Game Master's help if you have SMS Protect on your account, or if you answer the secret question you set up when you created your account. Click Remove Authenticator below to get started.

Lost or Broken Authenticator

If you need to remove a lost or broken authenticator from your account, you will need to contact Customer Support for help. You will need to attach a picture of your government-issued ID to verify ownership of the account. Make sure the picture meets all the requirements on our Government-Issued Identification Request article.

New Phone—Need to Update Mobile Authenticator

If you had iCloud Keychain enabled on your previous device, simply restore your authenticator on your new device using Cloud Sync.

If you wrote down your authenticator serial number and restore code, you can add your authenticator to your new phone by performing a restore. Install the app and, once it's installed, tap Restore on the in-app menu.

Need Help?

If you need help removing or restoring your Authenticator, contact us.

Still Have your Authenticator?

If you still have your authenticator and you just want to remove it from your account, you can log in to Account Management normally and take it off your account from there. All you need is your authenticator serial number and the current authenticator code it's displaying. If your codes are not working, choose the Lost or Broken Authenticator option.

Need Help?

If you need help removing or restoring your Authenticator, contact us.