Adding and Removing Parental Controls


You can use Parental Controls to:

  • Adjust your child’s playtime schedule.
  • Set playtime limits for World of Warcraft or StarCraft II.
  • Enable or disable in-game purchases.
  • Enable or disable access to Real ID and Voice Chat.
  • Generate weekly play reports that will be delivered straight to your email.

Note: Parental Controls do not apply to purchases made in Hearthstone® on mobile. To control mobile purchases, set up restrictions on your device.

Review the video below for a visual walkthrough of the process:

Change the Closed Captioning to your language!

Add Parental Controls

If you have not set up Parental Controls, visit the setup page to get started. Once you've set up Parental Controls, you can access them through the link in your Parental Controls email.

Remove Parental Controls

To instantly allow an account with Parental Controls full access to our games and in-game shops, simply disable any restrictions in the Parental Controls dashboard. If you lost the email that gives you access to the Parental Controls Dashboard, you can send yourself a new oneTo completely remove Parental Controls from an account, please contact us.

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