is unable to load your installed games.
Error Codes: BLZBNTBNA00000065, BLZBNTBNA00000066, BLZBNTBNA00000067 can't access or download a configuration file required to load your installed games.

  1. Restart to clear any stalled processes.
  2. Restart your computer to resolve any temporary issues that may interfere with
  3. Update your operating system to be sure you're using the most recent version.
  4. If you're using wireless internet, try switching to an optimized wired connection.
Advanced Troubleshooting
  1. Run a security scan to find and resolve any infections.
  2. Security software may interfere with and prevent it from running properly. Disable or temporarily uninstall any security programs.
  3. Programs running in the background can conflict with Try closing background applications.
  4. Check your network configuration to find any issues with your firewall, router, or port settings.
  5. If the issue persists, uninstall the Desktop application and download a new copy from the Game Downloads page.

Tried everything here?

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