The Battle for Azeroth Expansion is now live! We'd like to cover some common issues you might run into.

In-game Issues

Can't start quest "A Choice of Allies"

Not a Bug: This quest will only be offered once the requirements to unlock an Allied Race are met. Visit the Emissary for the race you'd like to unlock in your faction capital to view the requirements. Read WoWHead's Allied Races Overview guide for more details

The Dune Scavenger mount is disappearing from inventory

Hotfixed: Players who use the Captured Dune Scavenger item will receive the mount, and it should no longer disappear from inventory. If you have used the item Captured Dune Scavenger but are missing the mount, contact Customer Support.

Getting "Cannot Use This Ability While Pacified" Error

Known Issue: We are aware of an issue where players can get stuck in this state when doing the quest Prison Break. Use the workarounds in this article to resolve the issue.

Ritualistic Preparations ore disappears

Hotfixed: Players attempting to complete this quest may see Unsanctified Storm Silver disappear. We are working on a solution. As a workaround make sure to have an exact stack of 20 in your bags when turning in the quest. Logging out and back in may also show any missing ore or ingots.

Resolved Issues

Shadra Betrayer evading on the quest "The Ancient One"

Hotfixed: A hotfix has been released, and the NPC should no longer be evading.

Quest "The Stormwind Extraction" stuck

Hotfixed: This quest will no longer get stuck at later phases in the event.

Unable to interact with Scouting Map

Hotfixed: Players should no longer have issues when interacting with the Scouting Map in their embassy.

Unable to resume War Campaign at level 120

Hotfixed: The issue preventing players from selecting a foothold has been resolved. Please return to your War Campaign Table and you should now be able to select a new foothold.

The Heart of Azeroth is Not in Inventory

Resolved: The issue preventing players from receiving The Heart of Azeroth has been resolved. We will not reimburse lost Azerite Power as a result of this bug. If you are still missing your Heart of Azeroth after turning in the quest to Magni, contact Customer Support

Temple of Sethraliss: Ecological Research can't be completed

Hotfixed: The world quest will now complete correctly when the criteria are met.

Seeking More Knowledge does not grant additional ranks

Hotfixed: Players who complete this quest will now receive the proper rank for Herbalism Technique: Anchor Weed (Rank 2).

The quest Storm's Judgment does not progress

Hotfixed: The quest Storm's Judgment no longer gets stuck in progress and can be completed.

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