Buying Hearthstone® Cards

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If you want extra expert packs, you can purchase them in the Hearthstone® in-game store. Regardless of whether you purchase cards on a desktop computer or on a tablet, your collection will be shared across all devices.

Select which device you're using:

Desktop or Laptop

The Hearthstone Shop uses your® account's primary payment method (credit card or PayPal™) to complete purchases. If you do not have a credit card or PayPal account on file, you can add them on your Account Management page.

If you do not have access to a credit card or PayPal, Hearthstone also accepts alternate payment methods like direct debit or prepaid cards through Balance. If you choose to use Balance, it must be loaded on your account before you can use it to buy cards.

Note: Loading Balance funds will take up to three days to complete (or up to 13 days for direct debit in applicable countries). For a more immediate payment source, set up a primary payment method instead.

If you have Balance on your account, Hearthstone will try using it before trying your primary payment method.

Common Payment Issues

If you experience errors or issues when you try to buy cards, follow the steps below to resolve your issue.

  1. Be sure to enter your password or your CVV number correctly, if prompted.
  2. Check your primary payment method. Make sure that it’s valid, not expired, and that all associated information is correct.
  3. Error 10200244 means your bank or payment provider declined the transaction. Contact your payment provider to troubleshoot this issue.
  4. If you prefer to use Balance, make sure that you have enough. Remember that it can take up to three days (13 days for direct debit) for recently loaded balance to be credited to your account.

Apple iPad

When you make a purchase in Hearthstone, the game will use the method of payment you have on file with Apple for iTunes®. Hearthstone will use the iTunes account registered to your device for all purchases, regardless of which account is logged into the game.

Note: Because the iPad version of Hearthstone uses your iTunes account, you can't use Balance to make purchases in the app. If you want to use Balance to buy Hearthstone cards, make your purchase on the PC or Mac version—your new packs will appear in the iPad version, as well.

For more information on in-app purchases through iTunes, see Apple's iTunes Store: About In-App Purchases support article.

Parental Controls

If you want to prevent in-app purchases on your device, you can do so using your device’s Restriction settings.

Customer Support

If you have trouble making a Hearthstone purchase on your iPad, visit Apple's support site for assistance with your account or billing issue.

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