Character Transfer Restrictions

To learn about the basics of this service, see our Character Transfer page.

Before you transfer a character, keep in mind:

  • Characters can only be transferred between realms and accounts in the same region.
  • The character must be at least level 10. Death Knights must be at least level 60.
  • The Character Transfer service cannot be used with Starter Edition accounts.
  • The character may not have active auctions or mail in their mailbox.
  • You cannot continue any heroic instances you participated in prior to the transfer.
  • A completed transfer cannot be reversed. If you want to move your character again, you may complete another character transfer three days after the last one completed.
  • The Item Restoration service cannot restore any items a character deleted, vendored, or disenchanted prior to performing a transfer. Be sure to complete item recovery before transferring.
  • The following gold limits apply to all characters:
    Level Max. Gold
    10-30 300g
    31-50 1,000g
    51-70 5,000g
    71-80 20,000g
    81+ 50,000g

Realm Restrictions

  • Certain realms may not be eligible transfer sources. If your character is on such a realm, it cannot be moved to another realm, though it can be moved to another account per the account restrictions below.
  • Certain realms may not be eligible transfer destinations. If your destination is such a realm, your character cannot transfer there.
  • The transfer will fail if it will cause you to exceed the maximum of eleven characters on your destination realm.
Account-to-Account Restrictions
  • A World of Warcraft license can only transfer characters to or from other World of Warcraft licenses associated with a account.
  • The accounts must be registered under the same name.
  • When a World of Warcraft license is merged to, the license can only transfer characters to other licenses on the same account for 30 days. Characters cannot be transferred off the account.
  • Mounts and Pets in the Journal are account-bound, and do not generally transfer when characters move to a different account. The only exception is any pet or mount associated with a character-specific achievement, which should appear for that character on the new account. These are very rare.
  • Your character’s guild affiliation and guild reputation will be lost, even if you remain on the same realm.
  • The character's name will be locked for 90 days after the transfer completes. You must choose a new name for your character.
  • Characters cannot be transferred to or from a suspended, disabled, or closed account. Accounts that are unpaid and frozen are able to use the Character Transfer service normally.
  • Characters cannot transfer to a lower expansion level license.

Transfer Effects

Will transfer Will not transfer
Your conquest point cap for the week Any arena rewards from the teams you left behind when the arena season ends.
Character achievements and achievement points User interface settings (macros, character-specific key bindings, etc.).
Your character’s ratings (arena/RBG rating, MMR, BG Rating, etc). Character friends and ignore lists.
Guild pages and heralds.

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