The Character Transfer feature allows you to move characters to other realms or accounts registered in your name. 

If you log in before the transfer is complete, it may fail and your character will be locked. The transfer may take up to 72 hours to complete.

Make a selection from the dropdown menu above.

To check the status of your character transfer:

  1. Log in to Account Management and select the license that started the character transfer.
  2. Click Character Transfer under Character Services on the bottom ribbon.
  3. Click History/Status at the top of the Character Transfer page to view your transfer status and history.

Note: If your character is locked, or the transfer is stuck in a Pending status, visit our Character Locked page.

Realm-to-Realm Transfers

Before you transfer a character, keep the following limitations in mind:

  • Characters can only be transferred between realms and accounts in the same region.
  • Certain realms may not be eligible transfer destinations.
  • You may not transfer to a realm where your character list is full.
  • The character must be at least level 10. Death Knights must be at least level 60.
  • Starter Edition accounts can't transfer characters.
  • Active auctions or mail will prevent a transfer.
  • Characters holding WoW Tokens cannot transfer.
  • Raid lockouts transfer with your character.
  • You cannot continue mythic raids started prior to the transfer.
  • Item Restoration cannot restore items deleted, vendored, or disenchanted prior to the transfer.
  • The following gold limits apply to all characters:
    Level Max. Gold
    10-30 300g
    31-50 1,000g
    51-70 5,000g
    71-80 20,000g
    81-99 50,000g
    100+ 250,000g Account Transfers

When transferring characters between two Accounts, keep the following limitations in mind:

  • The accounts must be registered under the same name.
  • Mounts, pets, heirlooms, and toys in the Collections tab are account-bound, and do not generally transfer when characters move to a different account. The only exception is any pet or mount associated with a character-specific achievement, which will only appear for that character on the new account.
  • You must delete heirloom items from your character's inventory before transferring it to another account. 
  • Most achievements will not transfer to another account.
  • The character's name will be locked for 90 days after the transfer completes. You must choose a new name for your character.
  • Characters cannot be transferred to or from a suspended, disabled, or closed account. Accounts that are unpaid and frozen are able to use the Character Transfer service normally.
  • Characters cannot transfer to a lower expansion level game account.

Transfer Effects

Will transfer Will not transfer
Your conquest point cap for the week Guild pages and heralds.
Character achievements and achievement points User interface settings (macros, character-specific key bindings, etc.).
Bank contents/Void Storage Character friends and ignore lists.