Color Blind Mode

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We have updated the color blind mode available in-game to maximize the gameplay experience for all our players. To activate the color blind mode:

  1. While in-game, select Menu.
  2. Click Interface.
  3. Select Help.
  4. Enable Color blind mode.

There are some options you can now modify to have a better view of the in-game colors and get the most of the environment. To activate each option, depending on the type of color blindness you have, you can type the following command in your chat:

/console colorblindshader X 

Replace X with a number, as follows:

0 - Disabled (Default)
1 - Protanopia
2 - Protanomaly
3 - Deuteranopia
4 - Deuteranomaly
5 - Tritanopia
6 - Tritanomaly
7 - Achromatopsia
8 - Achromatomaly

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