Diablo III Console Demo


The Diablo® III Console Demo provides players the ability to try out a limited version of Diablo III for the PlayStation® 3 and Xbox® 360. The Diablo III demo for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 does not require a Battle.net account to play. You will need a basic PlayStation Network account or an Xbox LIVE account, both of which can be created online for free.


The Diablo III demo can be downloaded directly to your console from PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE, or remotely from the PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE websites. If you choose to install remotely, the Diablo III demo will begin downloading the next time you log in to your PSN or Xbox LIVE account on your console. For more information about remote downloads, visit Sony's FAQ or Xbox's FAQ.

To upgrade to the full version of Diablo III, you can purchase a physical copy of the Xbox 360 or PS3 version from a local retailer. You can also purchase Diablo III digitally from the PlayStation Store or the Xbox Marketplace, then download the game to your PS3 or Xbox.

Note: If you upgrade to the full version, your Diablo III demo hero, quest progress, and items will remain intact in the full game.


  • Players can form parties over PlayStation Network or Xbox LIVE with other demo players.
  • Players cannot progress past the Skeleton King in Act I.
  • Only Barbarian and Wizard classes are available.
  • Level 9 cap.
  • Co-op games are available only with other Console Demo PS3 or Xbox 360 players.
  • Matchmaking is not available between demo and full game versions.
  • Demo players cannot join Public Games.

Note: Some content—including Brawling, Trophies (PlayStation 3), and Achievements (Xbox 360)—has been disabled in the demo.

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