DineroMail - Payment Issues


It can take up to five business days for DineroMail to process your payment. A verification message will be sent to your registered email address when the DineroMail transaction is successfully processed. You can also visit the Battle.net Transaction History page to check the status of your transaction. Contact DineroMail if your payment has not processed after five business days.

Note: It will take 24 hours for your Battle.net Transaction History to update from Queued after DineroMail has processed your payment.

Canceling a transaction

If you have yet to make a payment, you can cancel a transaction in DineroMail if the status of the transaction in your Battle.net Transaction History is Queued. To do so:

  1. Go to DineroMail and log in.
  2. Search the transaction history for the order you want to cancel.
  3. Click Pending, located in the Status column.
  4. Click Cancel Operation.

Currently, there is no way to cancel Completed transactions through DineroMail. Once you have made payment or deposit, you must wait until the transaction completes before requesting a refund. Do not make another payment to attempt to make the process faster, as this may cause further issues and unnecessary charges.


If you are unable to log in to DineroMail to complete your payment transaction, you must contact DineroMail directly or visit their website to recover or modify your login information. When logging in to DineroMail to complete a payment, you will be redirected to the DineroMail website. For security reasons, Blizzard cannot modify, support, or recover DineroMail login information.

Limitations & Restrictions

  • Depending on the type of payment or deposit method chosen, DineroMail transactions can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days after payment or deposit.
  • DineroMail is only supported in Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Mexico. If you live outside of these countries, the DineroMail option for payment will not be displayed in Account Management.
  • DineroMail is not an eligible method of payment for recurring subscriptions. You can make one-time purchases of game time using DineroMail by logging into your Account Management page, selecting the account you want to purchase the game time for, and clicking on Set up a Game Subscription.

Still Having Trouble?

Any questions about adding funds, transferring funds, or checking available funds on your DineroMail account must be directed to DineroMail support. Blizzard Customer Support cannot assist with DineroMail account inquiries of any kind.

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