The installer was unable to read the file _____. This error may be caused by problems with the media or drive—for example, a scratched or dirty CD-ROM/DVD-ROM, hard drive corruption, or a networking problem while downloading the installer. (The error was 0.) DecompressJob::Execute()

This Mac error indicates that installer data may either be corrupted or a permissions conflict is preventing the installer from reading the data. This error may be caused by an unstable internet connection, security applications interfering with the download, invalid permissions for OS X, or hard drive corruption.

  1. If you're using a wireless connection, optimize your internet connection to rule out a connection issue.
  2. Due to the way the launcher installs and updates our games, security programs can interfere with the process. Disable or temporarily uninstall your security software to resolve this issue.
  3. Programs running in the background can conflict with the Update Agent. Try closing background applications.
  4. The folder may be saved on a corrupt hard drive sector. Run the Repair Disk utility to resolve hard drive issues.
Tried Everything Here?

If you have tried all of these steps and still require assistance, open a support ticket for the appropriate game (World of Warcraft | StarCraft II | Diablo III | Hearthstone) and include:

  • The exact text of any error message or messages you're seeing, preferably in text form. These contain a lot of useful information we need. If that is not possible or you can't copy the error, try to take a screenshot.
  • Where in the download or patch process the error occurs.
  • Whether the above steps affected the problem.
  • Any other information that may help us troubleshoot the problem.