Guild Services


Guild services can be performed through your Account Management page. Three guild services are available:

  • Guild Faction Change
  • Guild Realm Transfer
  • Guild Name Change

Purchasing a Guild Faction Change or Guild Realm Transfer will allow you to change the name of the guild at no additional cost. Guild service costs are on the Guild Services tab on Account Management and are subject to applicable taxes.

These services can only be initiated by a Guild Master character. Under normal conditions, a guild service takes one to two hours to complete, but please allow up to 72 hours.

We've created the following video for an overview of the process:

Eligibility & Limitations

  • The Guild Master must meet the same requirements for the equivalent character service, including being at least level 10 on an account in good standing. Visit the Character Transfer and Faction Change pages for more details.
  • Once the change is complete, your guild's old name may be unavailable on the realm for 90 days.
  • The Guild Master character must occupy the rank of Guild Master for a minimum of seven days before initiating a Guild Service.
  • The guild must have more than one member.
  • The Guild Master's account must have an authenticator attached for at least seven days before you purchase a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change. The seven days do not start until you log into the Guild Master character after adding the authenticator.
  • When performing a Guild Master Realm Transfer or Guild Master Faction Change, only the Guild Master character transfers realms or switches factions. The Guild Master takes the framework of the guild, including the guild bank, perks, and completed achievements. The only thing that doesn't transfer is the guild's rank structure. You will have to reassign ranks on the new realm.
  • In-progress guild achievements will be lost during the service.
  • After a Guild Transfer is complete, the Guild Message of the Day will state that the guild has moved and your guild members will receive an in-game mail with transfer instructions.
  • If your guild name is taken on the destination realm, you'll be prompted to pick a new name for your guild.
  • The cooldown periods for guild Realm Transfers, Faction Changes, and Name Changes are 30 days. This cooldown will overlap for services of the same type and impact the ability to perform a guild transfer (Example: A guild that has recently transferred can not initiate another transfer or a transfer/faction change combo until 30 days have passed).
  • There is a 30 day cooldown that starts after the last guild service or character service performed by the guild master (Example: If a character transfers realms, then becomes a guild master 5 days later, that character cannot perform a guild service for 25 days).

Guild Member Changes

  • The guild member must meet the requirements of the character service. Visit the Character Transfer and Faction Change pages for more details.
  • Guild members will remain in the original guild.
  • The Guild Master will select a new Guild Master from the guild roster.
  • Guild members who plan to transfer to the guild's new location should not quit the original guild, or they will lose their guild reputation after transferring to guild's new location. If a guild member leaves a guild that has moved to a new location, the member's reputation with that guild will be wiped after 30 days. Reputation will be completely reset if the character joins a new guild.
  • The original guild will not retain its guild bank or any of its achievements, reputation, or progression.
  • Guild members are eligible to follow the Guild Master to the guild's new location by performing their own character transfer. If they do so, they will automatically rejoin the guild and retain their guild reputation. This process clears any Guild Activity (participation, etc).
  • There are two exceptions where guild members will not automatically rejoin the guild and regain their reputation:
    • The guild member realm transfers before the Guild Master.
    • The guild member quits the guild on the original realm before realm transferring.
  • Players who use a Free Character Migration to follow a Guild Master will retain their guild reputation on the destination realm as long as the guild has not changed faction.
  • There is no time limit on following a Guild Master to a new location, as long as the guild member does not leave the current guild before Guild Master Realm Transfer or Faction Change is complete.

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