If a dungeon item is not successfully looted, the winning character will usually receive the item via in-game mail automatically. Only items won using Personal Loot, Need Before Greed, or Group Loot settings and above the set loot threshold are eligible.

Items will be automatically delivered in the following situations:

  • The item was left on the corpse.
  • You left the instance prior to the loot roll but won the roll anyway.
  • You left the instance after winning an item, but that item was not successfully delivered to your inventory.

Note: This only applies in instances. Loot distribution will not be handled automatically for corpses in the outside world.

If you experience an issue looting in an instance, please wait at least 2 hours for the item to be delivered to you before submitting a ticket. If you do not receive your loot after that time period, submit a ticket for assistance.