Network Card Support


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This article can help you resolve network related errors (out-of-date drivers, disconnection, latency) that appear when starting the downloader or playing the game. Symptoms may include other players running in place, chat continuing as normal, a delay after casting a spell or performing some other action, or NPCs or players showing up as Unknown. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Check the manufacturer's website for driver updates. If you're not sure what drivers you need, perform a web search with the exact model number of your network adapter.
  2. If you access the Internet through an external broadband modem, be sure you have the latest firmware and drivers available for your modem.
  3. If your computer connects to the modem via USB, be sure you have the latest drivers for your motherboard or your USB PCI card.
  4. If your computer connects to the modem via Ethernet, be sure that your network card has the latest drivers installed.
  5. Changing your network card settings may correct the issue. Follow these steps:
    1. Click Start (Windows Key + Q in Windows 8).
    2. Click Control Panel.
    3. Double click on the System icon (in Windows XP, click Switch to Classic View on the left side of the screen).
    4. Select the Hardware tab.
    5. Click on Device Manager.
    6. Expand the section labeled Network Adapters.
    7. Right-click on your network card and select Properties.
    8. Click on the Advanced tab and you will see a list of items. Try disabling the Checksum Offload option. This may also be listed as Hardware Checksumming.
    9. You may also have a Speed/Duplex option on the Advanced tab. If you do, try changing this to Force Base 100 Full Duplex. If you have an older router you may need to use base 10 Full Duplex. This may also be listed as Media Type/Connection Type.
    10. If you have a Power Management tab in your network card properties, click it and unselect allow the computer to turn off this device to save power if selected.

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