World of Warcraft loot systems empower players to manage loot directly. For this reason, Blizzard support will not redistribute loot in the event of a dispute between players.

At most, Game Masters may penalize a master looter who fails to adhere to Master Loot rules.

If You Think You've Been Scammed

If the master looter states clear rules for loot distribution within in-game chat but awards loot differently, contact Support to report that player for scamming. Include details about the rule established and how it was broken. Blizzard will review the chat logs and action the player or remove items depending on the findings.

Note: Blizzard support can neither verify nor support “main spec” or “off spec” during looting. Beware of situations where “MS > OS” is used as a loot rule.

Due to the privacy associated with these investigations, we will not release details regarding an investigation's findings or any actions taken against other players. Loot removed during a scam investigation will be left unassigned.

Minimizing the Risk of a Loot Dispute

Group with players you trust whenever possible, and always be clear on the rules. Ask your master looter before you get locked into the raid. If you can't get a straight answer, consider declining the invitation or leaving the group.