No Game Accounts

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There was a problem logging on with this account. You may not have a World of Warcraft game attached to your account, or you may be logging in to a region different from the one you made the account in.

World of Warcraft couldn't locate a game account for its region. This might happen if you use another region's game client or if your game client is not up to date. Follow the steps below to resolve the issue.

  1. Open the App, allow any pending updates to be fully applied, and don't click Play until you see "Game is up to date."
  2. Verify that you are using the correct game client for your region. If you have the incorrect client for your region, uninstall the game and get the correct client from
  3. Sometimes this error occurs because of caching issues on servers. Reset your password to clear server side caches.

A Note About the Public Test Realm

While the Public Test Realm (PTR) client is available to download at any time, PTR servers are only available when there is content to test. Check the World of Warcraft Forums to see if the PTR Discussion and PTR Bug Report forums have information.

  • If the PTR Discussion and PTR Bug Report forums are not available, this indicates that PTR servers are offline because there is no content to test.
  • If the PTR Discussion and PTR Bug Report forums are available, check each PTR forum to see if PTR servers are offline for maintenance or are being updated.

Note: In order to play on the PTR, you must have a PTR license on your account. For steps to create a PTR license, visit the Public Test Realm Information article.

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