Sorry, the installer was unable to start up. No Installer data could be found. If this problem persists, please contact Blizzard Technical Support.

This error indicates the installer was unable to start up due to corrupted Blizzard cached data, an older version of preference files, the program FileVault being enabled, or the game being installed on a case-sensitive formatted volume. Try the following steps to resolve the error:

  1. Follow the uninstall instructions for the game client to remove any old or corrupted files causing installation issues.
  2. Check for FileVault.
    Note: FileVault options and case-sensitive formatted volumes are not supported for installation of Blizzard games.
  3. Check for case-sensitive volumes.

Tried everything here?

If you have tried all of these steps and still require assistance, visit our Technical Support Forum (World of Warcraft) (StarCraft II) (Diablo III) (Hearthstone) (Heroes of the Storm) or contact us.