Recovering a Hero in Diablo III


Diablo® III gives players the ability to recover the most recently deleted hero themselves. Each Diablo III account may have up to 10 heroes per region. Once this limit has been reached, existing heroes must be deleted before more can be created.

Note: Recovery is only possible for the most recently deleted hero. Once deleted, heroes are permanently lost. Customer Support cannot restore heroes that are permanently deleted.

Deleting a Hero

Heroes can only be deleted from the selection menu in Diablo III.

  1. Click the Switch Hero button to access the hero menu.
  2. Select the hero and click Delete.
  3. A popup box will appear to confirm the deletion. Click OK.

Recovering a Hero

If a hero is deleted by mistake, it may be possible to recover them through the character selection screen.

  1. Once logged in, click Switch Hero to access the hero selection menu. If character recovery is possible, a button with a green arrow labeled Restore Hero will appear next to the Delete button.
  2. Click Restore Hero. This will cause a popup box to appear with the hero's name.
  3. Click OK to confirm the recovery.

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