Reporting Bad Language and Bad Names in World of Warcraft®


All World of Warcraft® players must follow our in-game policies. Use these options to protect yourself and report offenders to Blizzard for investigation:

Preventing Harassment

Ignore List

The quickest way of dealing with harassment is to ignore it altogether. The Ignore feature prevents a player from contacting you in chat, via mail, or through group or duel invitations.

To add a player to your ignore list:

  1. In chat, right-click a player's name.
  2. Select Ignore.

To remove a player from your ignore list:

  1. Open your Social pane (Default: O).
  2. Select the Ignore tab.
  3. Select the character to remove and click Remove Player.

Mature Language Filter

If a player’s language is bothering you, consider enabling the mature language filter to prevent it from appearing in your chat. The filter will censor any profanity automatically. 

To enable the filter:

  1. Press Esc to open the main menu.
  2. Select Interface.
  3. Select Social.
  4. Check the box next to Mature Language Filter.
  5. Click OK.

Channel Management

Under extreme circumstances, you may wish to remove yourself from a chat channel entirely. To leave a chat channel:

  • Type /leave X. (X is the number of the channel you want to leave).

To join a chat channel:

Type /join Y (Y is the name of the channel you want to leave).

Reporting Bad Language and Bad Names

Violations of our policies should be reported to the Support staff for investigation. We strive to ensure that our policies are being enforced, and player reports help us do that.

Bad Language

To report bad language:

  1. Right-click the player’s name on the chat line where the harassment occurred.
  2. Click Report Player For:
  3. Click Language.

A contextual report will be created for us to review. While no response to the report will be possible, rest assured that we will investigate and take appropriate action to address the issue.

Note: Our Support staff will not accept harassment reports filed under the Open a Ticket menu in game. Please use the report functionality for this purpose.

Real Life Threats

At Blizzard Entertainment, we take the safety and security of our players very seriously. Because of this, our reporting procedure for real life threats is slightly different. If an individual threatens you , please report it to us immediately using the steps below:

  1. Open your help menu.
  2. Click Open a Ticket.
  3. Enter the following information: that you were threatened, the time of the incident, the other player’s name and realm, what was said, and any additional contextual details that will be relevant to our investigation.

In situations where real life threats do occur, Blizzard will contact the authorities to ensure the protection of our players. This can result in severe negative repercussions for the person who issued the threat.

If you feel that you are in danger, contact your local authorities immediately.

Note: We treat real life threats very seriously, and we will not allow false reports. Any account found to abuse this system may be subject to temporary or permanent suspension.

Ongoing Harassment

In cases when a harassment situation with an individual player has been ongoing for some time despite your best efforts to prevent contact with that individual, and you have reported the player’s behavior to us several times before, please report the issue to us using the following steps:

  1. Open your help menu.
  2. Click Open a Ticket.
  3. Enter the following information: that the situation is ongoing and has been reported before, the time of the incident, the other player’s name and realm, what was said, and any additional contextual details that will be relevant to our investigation.

Note: In order for us to address an ongoing harassment situation, you must have exercised every step available to you to prevent contact with the other player. This means that you have placed the player on ignore and have not contacted them under any circumstances, yet the issue persists. Ongoing harassment reports should only be filed as a last resort.

Bad Names

To report a bad name:

  1. Right click on the player's name in the chat window or right click their portrait.
  2. Select the option Report Player For: and select Name
  3. You can report the character's name or the character's guild name.

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