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There are special rules on role-playing servers that help our players maintain an immersive role-playing environment. If you see another player ignoring these rules, please report them.

Our role-playing policies exist alongside our standard in-game policies. Violating these policies may lead to penalties on your account.

Name Violations

This category includes:

  • Non-medieval or non-fantasy names (for example: Slipnslide, Robotman, Technotron).
  • Names that reference well known people, characters, places, or icons (for example: Britneyspears, Austinpowers, Mcdonalds, Georgewashington, Newyork).
  • Names that consist of multiple words (for example: Inyourface, Welovebeef, Howareyou).

We will give a random name to characters that violate our RP naming policy. If your name also violates the standard naming policy, we will apply the appropriate penalty to your account.

Player vs. Player

Player versus Player (PvP) realms encourage cross-faction combat between players. We generally do not get involved in cross-faction PvP disputes, or actions like corpse camping and killing lower level players.

All of our standard In-Game Policies apply to PvP servers. Violating these policies can lead to penalties on your account. 

If you don't like open-world PvP combat, select a Player versus Environment (PvE) realm. Players on PvE realms can choose when they wish to engage in PvP combat.