StarCraft® II In-Game Policies


At Blizzard, it’s our goal to create fun, fair, and engaging game environments for our players. To that end, we use penalties to discourage behavior that negatively affects the play experience for others. If you feel a player has violated our StarCraft® II policies, please report them to us for investigation.


In most cases, a player will receive a warning against negative behavior before we apply a suspension or account closure. Suspensions can range from one day to two weeks, depending on the account’s history and the severity of the offense.


The following categories cover behavior that we deem unacceptable. This list is not all-inclusive, and Blizzard reserves the right to take action for offensive behavior not called out on this page.

Minor Violations

  • Using inappropriate language, names, or map content
  • Spamming chat with the intent to disrupt communication
  • General harassment
  • Defaming another player

Serious Violations

  • Using obscene or vulgar language, names, or map content
  • Referencing illegal drugs or activities
  • Advertising third-party companies, websites, or services
  • Including copyrighted material in user-created content without approval

Severe Violations

  • Threatening someone with real-life violence or harm
  • Distributing another player’s real-life information (name, address, phone number, etc...)
  • Referencing extreme sexual or violent acts
  • Promoting or alluding to racial, ethnic, or national hatred
  • Insulting or negatively portraying someone based on their religion or sexual orientation
  • Exploiting bugs, abusing game mechanics, or cheating the game

Real-Life Information and Threats

Our players’ safety is one of our highest priorities. We will not tolerate real-life threats or distribution of personal information in our games. We apply severe penalties when a real-life threat is made and we may also engage local law enforcement to ensure the safety of all parties involved.

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