StarCraft® II Starter Edition and Guest Pass


StarCraft® II Starter Edition and Guest Pass are free versions of the game that allow players to try StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm for free with no time restrictions.

Note: After upgrading to the full version, most StarCraft II Starter Edition restrictions will remain in place until payment verification is fully complete. This may take up to 72 hours.

*A Account is required

What's included in the Starter Edition?

Starter Edition players can access the first four missions of the Terran campaign, two Challenge Missions, custom games, and versus AI. They can also earn achievements for Starter Edition content and access many functions of the map editor.

What are the Starter Edition restrictions?

Starter Edition players cannot:

  • Use versus and co-op matchmaking
  • Publish custom maps to
  • Play offline
  • Chat in public chat channels
  • Join or create clans

For single player and custom games, Starter Edition players can only play as Terran. Added AI for custom games is limited to Very Easy and Easy difficulty.

Can Starter Edition players play a match with others who have the full game?

StarCraft II players with a full game license can join custom games on select Starter Edition maps to play with Starter Edition players. Starter Edition maps are indicated by a special symbol on the map selection screen.

Can I watch replays using the Starter Edition?

Yes, Starter Edition players can watch replays by themselves. The Take Command option is not available to Starter Edition players.

Can I create and publish maps using the Starter Edition?

Many map editor functions are available to Starter Edition players. However, the full version of the game is required to use the Test Map function and to publish maps to 

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