Recruit a Friend: Upgrading Linked Accounts


Our Recruit a Friend referral system allows you to send friends and family members Starter Edition activation keys for World of Warcraft via email. With these keys, those you refer will be able to set up their own Starter Edition accounts completely free of charge. Starter Edition accounts created through your referral will become linked with your account. This link will open up a number of benefits for characters on both the veteran and recruit account, including increased experience, character summoning, and level granting! More information on Recruit a Friend can be found below.

When your friend wishes to purchase the full game, they will need to upgrade the Starter Edition account in order for your accounts to remain linked. When you wish to upgrade to a full account, you can do so by logging into and selecting the upgrade option. You do not need to create an entirely new account. For step-by-step instructions on upgrading your Recruit a Friend Account, check out the Instructions for Recipients page.


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