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Didn't Receive Loot From Arathi Highlands World Boss

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  • I killed Lion's Roar and got credit for the kill but didn't get any loot
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The Arathi Highlands World Bosses use the personal loot system. Any rewards are automatically pushed to your inventory, including items. However, item drops are not guaranteed. 

  • If you don't receive an item, you will receive gold.
  • If you don't receive an item from a bonus roll, you will receive an Azerite item.

If you did receive an item and it can't be delivered to your bags for any reason (bags are full, you are disconnected, etc...), the item will be delivered to your in-game mailbox by the Postmaster.

Unlike normal World Bosses, the loot lockouts for Arathi Highlands Warfront World Bosses do not reset weekly. Instead, you can only receive loot from them once per Warfront cycle.