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Network Problem Loading Card Collection

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  • Error: "Encountered some network issues while reading your card collection. Please re-launch your Hearthstone client and try it again."
  • Error: "We just ran into a network problem as we were loading up all the cards in your collection. Please relaunch Hearthstone to access your collection and resume your duels!"

This error can happen when you open your card collection immediately after a Hearthstone client update.

To resolve this error, close the game, launch the game again, and do not open the card collection immediately. Instead, wait a few minutes at the daily quest screen. This will give the Hearthstone servers time to load your account data. This is only necessary the first time you log in after a Hearthstone patch.

If the issue persists, please close the game, log into the game on another region, close the game, then log back into your usual region again.

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