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Didn't Receive Overwatch Contenders Rewards

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  • I watched live matches and I didn't receive the Overwatch Contenders skins
  • I didn't receive the sprays for watching OWL Contenders

You can earn rewards such as skins or sprays for watching Overwatch Contenders live matches on YouTube Gaming and the Overwatch Contenders site.

To earn the rewards you must watch live matches for the minimum of hours specified on the official event rules which you can find on the Contenders website. Each event may have different requirements. Some events may require you to watch 4 hours, some 5 hours, and some 7 hours. Always check the official rules for the specific event. 

If you are not receiving the rewards check the following:

  • If you play on console, you must link your console and accounts
  • Make sure you are using the correct account
  • Disable adblockers on the Contenders website or try a different browser
  • Log in using a different device and network

Once earned, the rewards can take up to 48 hours to appear on your account.

If you continue having trouble, please report the issue on the Overwatch forums for your region.

Customer Support cannot grant Contenders rewards.