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Cannot Start Threads of Fate

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  • I've met all the requirements on my main character, but I'm not able to do "Threads of Fate" on my alt
  • My alt doesn't have the Threads of Fate option, I would like to skip the campaign

Threads of Fate is only available to any character which has not yet completed the story campaign and joined a covenant.

To unlock the Threads of Fate for secondary characters please complete the Shadowlands story for all campaigns and zone achievements; The Path to AscensionBlade of the PrimusAwaken, Ardenweald, and The Master of Revendreth. You must also complete Chapter 1 of your chosen Covenant's campaign.

Once all criteria are met, your secondary characters should be able to complete the introductory quest to the Maw and be given the Threads of Fate option in Oribos.