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Mouseover on Target Doesn't Show Quest Tracking Tooltip

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  • When I place the cursor on a quest objective, I don't see the tooltip with my quest progress
  • When I target a mob, I should see a tooltip telling the quest item that drops from the mob, but I don't see it

In World of Warcraft, mousing over a quest objective shows a quest tracking tooltip with the name of the relevant quest and your current progress. If mousing over objectives doesn't show the tooltip you may have disabled this feature in your interface options. Open the Main Menu (ESC), click on Display, and check that Outline Mode is enabled.

If you have this option enabled and the tracking tooltip on mouse over or target isn't showing, it is likely a display issue caused by outdated addons. Update your addons and try again. If the problem continues reset your interface.

Note: The quest tracking tooltip feature on mouseover or target isn't available in WoW Classic.