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I Made a Mistake Using My WoW Token

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  • My WoW Token immediately activated my account but I wanted to keep it for later.
  • I converted my WoW Token to Balance but I wanted Game Time.
  • I added game-time to my account in error, I wanted to convert the WoW Token to Balance.

Customer Support does not assist with restoring a WoW Token used in error. 

I added game time in error

When you redeem a WoW Token for Game Time, this action is irreversible. If you buy the WoW Token from the character selection screen, the game time is activated on the account immediately. If you want to buy and store a WoW Token for later, you must buy it on the Auction House.

I added Balance in error

When you redeem a WoW Token for Balance, this action is irreversible. If you converted a WoW Token to Balance and you wanted game time instead, you can use the added Balance to buy Game Time in the Shop, as long as there is enough Balance to cover the price (including applicable taxes and fees).