Received Wrong Path of the Titans Trinket

更新済み: 2年前
記事ID: 137311


  • I didn't get a trinket off Argus.
  • I got the wrong spec trinket from Antorus.
  • I received the Aggramar's Conviction Trinket for my Guardian Spec.


Players have a chance to loot a special Path of the Titans trinket when defeating Argus the Unmaker. These trinkets are distributed as personal loot, and they are not guaranteed to drop.

These trinkets will include the condition of Unique-Equipped: Path of the Titans (1) in their tooltip.

The trinkets are class-neutral, and are instead associated with general role specializations. If you are playing a multi-spec class, such as Shaman, Paladin, Druid, etc., it is possible to receive an off-spec trinket if you have already received one for your current spec or selected loot specialization.

Note: The first trinket you receive will be based on your current spec or loot specialization, but future drops will be chosen randomly from those available for your class.