Gear Store Coupon Not Working

更新済み: 1ヶ月前
記事ID: 14814


  • Cannot use discount code on Gear Store
  • Blizzard Store not accepting coupon code


Gear Store discount coupons are redeemed in the Cart before selecting shipping and billing details. Enter the coupon code exactly as printed, including dashes and capitalization.

Gear Store discount coupons cannot be used when your purchase includes any of the following items:

  • Razer products
  • Premium items (such as statues)
  • Pre-order items (except physical event code redemption cards)
  • Items that include a donation to charity
  • BlizzCon Goody Bag
  • Items that are already discounted

Note: Some coupons have expiry dates. If the date has passed, the code is invalid.

Ensure you are logged into your Blizzard Account. If the issue persists, contact us.