Friend Or Family Member Made Unauthorized Purchase

更新済み: 2ヶ月前
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  • My child made a purchase I did not authorize
  • Friend used my card without my permission
  • There are payments on my bank account to Blizzard Entertainment that I don't recognize
  • You're double charging me for my subscription


For unauthorized purchase(s) made by a Friend or Family member using your credit card, you may contact Customer Support or your Financial Institution for a refund.

We can only assist if the method of payment was saved to the account, such as a Credit Card, PayPal, or Balance. If you do not have the the Order ID or know the account the charges were made on, we will require a contact through our Live Support Channels.

If you have any concerns regarding your card, we recommend contacting your financial institution or credit card company for assistance in securing your payment information.

Note: If you've contacted your bank or credit card company and they refund or chargeback the order, we will be unable to assist. We will instead refer you back to your financial institution for information regarding the return of your funds.