Missing Abilities in Ravencrest's Legacy

更新済み: 3週間前
記事ID: 61860


No abilities on the bar for the quest Ravencrest's Legacy


If you are not seeing abilities in Illidan's form while on the Ravencrests' Legacy quest, this is working as intended. Abilities are unlocked as you progress through the scenario.

If you never see abilities, you may have a damaged UI element or an addon may be interfering:

  1. If you can still type in chat, try reloading your UI by typing /reload ui and pressing Enter.
  2. If that doesn't help or you cannot type in chat, reset your UI.

If the issue persists, leave the scenario and wait at least 30 minutes before trying again.

Note: If you get stunned by Xalian Felblaze and can't do anything, try to use the dismount button and re-enter the scenario—you should be on phase two.