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Missing Hunter Pet

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Problemas comuns

  • Can't find my hunter pet in my stable
  • My pet abandoned me
  • I abandoned my pet by mistake 
  • On my Class Trial character, the combat training scenario wants me to Call a Friend (summon my pet) but I don't have a pet to call

WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic

If you abandoned your pet in error it cannot be recovered.

Your pet may also abandon you if it is unhappy. Visit the Classic Wowhead Hunter Pet Guide to learn more about pet happiness. 

Blizzard Customer Support doesn't assist with recovering pets. 

Modern World of Warcraft

If your pet is missing, you may have abandoned it in error. You may contact us to restore it. Before you do, please use the Whistle again to see if the pet is there and make sure you're using the correct one to summon, and visit the Stable Master to see if your pet is in the stable. 

If your hunter is a new alt and you chose to play in the original starting area instead of the Exile's Reach, you will not receive a hunter pet. This is intended. You will be able to tame a pet at level 5.