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Armory Achievement Points Don't Match My Character

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Problemas comuns

  • My achievements are not displaying correctly between the Armory, in game achievement pane, and guild UI
  • My character's achievements are much higher in game than they are on the website
  • My character is showing the wrong point total on the guild user interface page

If your character achievements are lower on the Armory than they are in-game, you may only be displaying character-specific achievements. To disable this setting, follow these steps while in game:

  1. Bring up the in-game menu (default shortcut ESC)
  2. Click Interface
  3. Click Social
  4. Uncheck Display Only Character Achievements to Other
  5. Click Okay

It may take several days for this change to take effect. When it does, your World of Warcraft achievement points for all characters on your Blizzard account will display on the website.

Your guild page user interface will only show character points, so it will always be lower than the amount you see in game.