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Can't See Item / Artifact in Bags

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Problemas comuns

  • I can't find my item in my bags.
  • I can't see my item, it's in my bags but it's not showing.

Missing items

If you are missing an item, think if:

  • The item was put in the bank, Void Storage, or guild bank.
  • The item was a collectible and was learned (mounts, pets, heirlooms, or toys).
  • The item was sold.
  • The item was a consumable and was used by mistake (potion, food, etc.).
  • The item was a reagent and was spent on a craft or upgrade.
  • The item was a gear piece disenchanted or scrapped.
  • The item was a token or currency and was exchanged for something else.

Sometimes an item may not be missing, but a damaged UI element or inventory manager addon is causing a display issue: try resetting your UI.