No War Chest Experience from Watching Twitch Stream

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  • I'm watching StarCraft II streams, but I'm not earning any experience.
  • I'm not earning any rewards for the StarCraft II War Chest when watching streams on Twitch


Watching select StarCraft II streams on Twitch grants experience to unlock War chest rewards.

To earn experience:

If you meet the requirements:

  1. Open the stream on your preferred browser or the Twitch App for iPhone or Android.
    Note: Watching streams on the Blizzard app does not grant War Chest experience
  2. Log in to the Twitch account linked to your Blizzard account
  3. Grant permissions to the War Chest extension.
    Note: If the War Chest extension icon isn’t present, it means this stream isn’t eligible to grant experience

You will receive an experience reward for every 20 minutes you watch.

You will not receive experience if:

  • You mute the extension
  • You are watching on a browser with active ad-blockers
  • You are watching on a browser and the stream isn’t on the active window or the window is minimized
  • The Claim XP button is on screen. You must click the Claim XP button to continue earning additional experience

You can only earn War Chest experience through the active War Chest season.