Can't Claim Shadowlands

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  • A friend gifted me a Shadowlands code but I cannot claim it
  • I purchased the Collector's Edition of Shadowlands but when I try to claim it I get an error
  • Error: "You already own an item that's included in this product, but we are unable to return its cost to your Balance at this time."


You will encounter this problem in the below situations:

Your WoW account is a Starter Edition

You cannot claim Shadowlands on a Starter Edition. To resolve this problem add game-time or a subscription first, then claim Shadowlands.

You already own Shadowlands, you are claiming a Collector's Edition code, and you don't have an Authenticator

When you claim a Collector's Edition on an account that already has Shadowlands, our system will automatically credit you balance equivalent to the cost of your original digital purchase. This is to avoid you paying for the same product twice.

However, the system can fail if you don't have an Authenticator. This is because you cannot have more than $110 in Balance in your account if you don't have an Authenticator. To resolve this problem, please add an Authenticator.

Tried everything here?

If you tried the above and you still cannot claim your code, please refer to the point of sale.