Troubleshooting StarCraft II Voice Chat

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StarCraft 2 voice chat doesn't work on my Mac.


The troubleshooting steps below may assist you in resolving voice chat issues in StarCraft®II.

  1. If your microphone stops working once you leave the game, reopen the game and unmute the mic. Alternately, unmute it from the sound options in your Windows control panel.
  2. The game requires up-to-date drivers to run smoothly. Update your drivers regularly.
  3. Check that you can play sounds using your web browser. If those don't work, make sure the system volume is turned up and your speakers are plugged in correctly.
  4. Make sure your sound devices are set up properly.
  5. In Windows, the volume control for each application is carried out separately, which may cause the sound of other programs to function while StarCraft II remains silent. To test this, launch StarCraft II and pull up the login screen. Press Alt + Tab to minimize the game, and then click the speaker icon. In the volume control window, click the Mixer link. Look for StarCraft II and verify it is not muted and that the game's sound is turned up.
  6. From StarCraft II's main menu, select Options > Voice. Make sure Enable Microphone is checked. Set the dropdown menu to Default and the volume slider to 100%. Click Start Test, and then perform the microphone test (both recording and playback).
  7. Make sure your router is forwarding port 1119 and port 1120 to your computer using the UDP protocol. If you need assistance, contact your router manufacturer. Make sure your firewall is also configured.
  8. To eliminate the firewall as a potential source of this issue, temporarily uninstall it.