The World of Warcraft® Shop allows you to purchase exclusive mounts, pets, and other products and services through a handy in-game interface. Items purchased in the Shop are delivered directly to your collection or inventory depending on the product. Ensure your bags are not full when purchasing a WoW Token. 

Note: All sales for items purchased through the Shop are final. Please double-check your order to make sure it's correct before you finalize your payment.

It is not possible to gift items through the in-game Shop. If you want to gift a pet or mount to a friend, use the Blizzard Shop instead.

If you encounter trouble with a payment refer to our Solutions to Common Payment Issues

Payment Types

When you make a purchase in World of Warcraft, the game will try to complete the transaction using Blizzard Balance first. If you do not have enough balance the game will use your account’s default payment method.

Your active currency in World of Warcraft is determined by your Blizzard account's registered country. If you have moved, you can change your country / region on your Blizzard account by using our country change feature.

Load Balance  Add Payment Method

Note: Loading Blizzard Balance funds may take up to three days to complete. For a more immediate payment source, set up a primary payment method instead.