Gifting Blizzard Balance

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • How do I gift Blizzard Balance to a friend?

It is not possible to transfer Balance from one Blizzard account to another. However, you can buy Blizzard Balance as a gift to another account through the Blizzard shop.

  1. Choose Blizzard Balance in the shop
  2. Select the amount of Balance you'd like to gift, or enter it manually in any amount over $1.00 USD
  3. Click Gift Balance
  4. Enter your friend's BattleTag or email address or select the recipient from the drop down list
  5. Select a payment method from the drop-down menu
  6. Click Pay Now

Once your purchase is processed, the recipient will receive an email within 72 hours with instructions to claim their gift. 


  • You cannot use your own Balance to gift Balance
  • You can only gift Balance to a friend that uses your same currency
  • You must be friends with someone on Blizzard for at least 3 days before you can send them a gift